There are two options installing AutomatedLab:

  • You can use the MSI installer published on GitHub.
  • Or you install from the PowerShell Gallery using the cmdlet Install-Module.
    Please note that this is the ONLY way to install AutomatedLab and its dependencies in PowerShell Core/PowerShell 7 on both Windows and Linux/Azure Cloud Shell
Install-PackageProvider Nuget -Force
# SkipPublisherCheck: AutomatedLabTest requires Pester v5. On system where Pester v3 is still the only versions, you will get an error if the parameter is not present
# AllowClobber: On some occasions, other modules seem to have published ConvertTo-Json/ConvertFrom-Json, which is overwritten by Newtonsoft.Json
Install-Module AutomatedLab -SkipPublisherCheck -AllowClobber

#region Non-interactive host
# Pre-configure telemetry
if ($IsLinux -or $IsMacOs)
    # Disable (which is already the default) and in addition skip dialog
    $null = New-Item -ItemType File -Path "$((Get-PSFConfigValue -FullName AutomatedLab.LabAppDataRoot))/telemetry.disabled" -Force

    # Enable
    $null = New-Item -ItemType File -Path "$((Get-PSFConfigValue -FullName AutomatedLab.LabAppDataRoot))/telemetry.enabled" -Force
    #  Disable (which is already the default) and in addition skip dialog
    [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('AUTOMATEDLAB_TELEMETRY_OPTIN', 'false', 'Machine')

    # Enable
    [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('AUTOMATEDLAB_TELEMETRY_OPTIN', 'true', 'Machine')

# Pre-configure Lab Host Remoting
Enable-LabHostRemoting -Force

# Using Azure: Pre-configure Lab Sources Synchronization
# Get/Set/Register/Unregister-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name LabSourcesMaxFileSizeMb
# Get/Set/Register/Unregister-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name LabSourcesSyncIntervalDays
# Get/Set/Register/Unregister-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name AutoSyncLabSources

# If you are on Linux and are not starting pwsh with sudo
# This needs to executed only once per user - adjust according to your needs!
Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name LabAppDataRoot -Value /home/youruser/.alConfig -PassThru | Register-PSFConfig

# Prepare sample content - modify to your needs

# Windows
New-LabSourcesFolder -DriveLetter C

# Linux
Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name LabSourcesLocation -Value /home/youruser/labsources -PassThru | Register-PSFConfig
New-LabSourcesFolder # Linux

From MSI

AutomatedLab (AL) is a bunch of PowerShell modules. To make the installation process easier, it is provided as an MSI.

Download Link:

There are not many choices when installing AL.


The options Typical and Complete are actually doing the same and install AL to the default locations. The PowerShell modules go to "C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules", the rest to "C:\LabSources".

As LabSources can grow quite big, you should go for a custom installation and put this component on a disk with enough free space to store the ISO files. This disk does not have to be an SSD. Do not change the location of the modules unless you really know what you are doing.


Very important to AL is the LabSources folder that should look like this:


If all that worked you are ready to go for Getting Started.