Introduction - 12.1 Azure Single domain-joined server


#Same as '04 Single domain-joined server.ps1' but targeting Azure.
#Here AL installs a lab with one domain controller and one client. The OS can be configured quite easily as well as
#the domain name or memory. AL takes care about network settings like in the previous samples.

$azureDefaultLocation = 'West Europe' #COMMENT OUT -DefaultLocationName BELOW TO USE THE FASTEST LOCATION

New-LabDefinition -Name AzureLab1 -DefaultVirtualizationEngine Azure

Add-LabAzureSubscription -DefaultLocationName $azureDefaultLocation

Add-LabMachineDefinition -Name azDC1 -Memory 1GB -OperatingSystem 'Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (Desktop Experience)' -Roles RootDC -DomainName
Add-LabMachineDefinition -Name azClient1 -Memory 1GB -OperatingSystem 'Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (Desktop Experience)' -DomainName


Show-LabDeploymentSummary -Detailed