Configuration Manager

To install SCCM/MEMCM in a lab, the built-in role ConfigurationManager can be used. This role builds on the work of Adam Cook who has previously created Custom Roles which can still be used as well.


Get-LabMachineRoleDefinition -Role ConfigurationManager -Syntax displays the possible settings that a user can make.

  • Version: The version to deploy. Defaults to 2103
  • Branch: Either CB (default) or TP
  • Roles: A comma-separated single string of roles to deploy. Valid roles:
    • None
    • Management Point
    • Distribution Point
    • Software Update Point
    • Reporting Services Point
    • Endpoint Protection Point
  • SiteName: Name of the site that is deployed, defaults to AutomatedLab-01
  • SiteCode: Three-digit site code, defaults to AL1
  • SqlServerName: Use to specify a machine that is part of the lab (!). Defaults to first available SQL server in the lab
  • DatabaseName: Name of the DB, defaults to ALCMDB
  • WsusContentPath: Path to WSUS content for an update point. Remember to Add-LabDiskDefinition ;)
  • AdminUser: Name of administrative account. Automatically created with Lab Domain Credential.

In addition to that, downloading specific versions of config manager requires overriding or creating settings. The built-in versions that are part of AutomatedLab's configuration system include 1902, 2002 and 2103.

# Built-in and pre-configured

Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name ConfigurationManagerWmiExplorer -Value ''
Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name ConfigurationManagerUrl1902CB -Value ''
Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name ConfigurationManagerUrl1902TP -Value ''
Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name ConfigurationManagerUrl2002CB -Value ""
Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name ConfigurationManagerUrl2002TP -Value ""
Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name ConfigurationManagerUrl2103CB -Value ""
Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name ConfigurationManagerUrl2103TP -Value ""

# To support a fictitious new version 2112 a new setting is necessary
Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name ConfigurationManagerUrl2112CB -Value "TheUrl" -PassThru | Register-PSFConfig
Set-PSFConfig -Module AutomatedLab -Name ConfigurationManagerUrl2112TP -Value "TheUrl" -PassThru | Register-PSFConfig